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King British - Bloodworm Fish Treat - 7g

SKU: 5017357010502

King British Bloodworm are natural freeze dried insect larvae, rich in protein and prepared immediately after harvest to retain its flavour and nutritional value.

Bloodworm is suitable for all aquarium tropical, Coldwater & marine fish. Plus can also be given to Turtles & Terrapins. Its ideally used as a supplementary food or treat.


King British Bloodworm Treats are suitable for all aquarium fish, turtles & terrapins. Bloodworms are insect larvae, freeze dried immediately after harvest to retain flavour & nutritional value. Their name comes from their natural red colour, and they are the type of food that freshwater fish would choose to eat in the wild. They are rich in iron and protein, and promote excellent colour & condition. A welcome addition to any diet.

Available in 7g tubs.

How to use

Feed sparingly 2 to 3 times per week, as a complementary pet food, in addition to other King British complete fish foods. Do not overfeed and remove any uneaten food.


Health & Safety

Storage: Do not store above 25 degrees centigrade.