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Komodo - Beech Chips - Coarse - 6L

SKU: 701029830103

BEECH CHIPS: Beech Chips offer a versatile flooring solution for most reptiles including snakes, lizards or tortoises. (Beech chips can also be used with birds and some small mammals). Ideal for use with reptiles requiring an arid environment, beech chips can also be used with reptiles needing a semi humid environment. When using Komodo Beech chips with under floor heating, care must be taken to ensure no more than a 2cm layer is placed on top of the heater. Beech chips are an excellent insulator, however using a layer of chips over the recommended depth can quickly cause thermal blocking, which can lead to high temperatures and potentially can cause a hazardous situation. Spot clean soiled bedding daily and replace with fresh Beech chips. Change all bedding at least once a month.


This Substrate is great for:

  • Bearded Dragon
  • Veiled Chameleon
  • Corn Snake
  • King Snake
  • Horsfields Tortoise
  • Mediterranean Tortoise