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Komodo Flexi Stix - Small

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What are Komodo Flexi Stix?

Komodo Flexi Stix are a versatile natural decor product with multiple uses that both look fantastic and serve as a natural alternative to plastic or resin hides and bridges. Each kit, from the Komodo Flexi Stix Large to the Komodo Flexi Stix Small, contains a set of flexi stix bound by tight elastic. Each of the stix is fully bendable and easy to work with so you can create whatever your herptile set-up is missing. 

What can I build with Komodo Flexi Stix?

These stix are reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates natural alternative to hides and bridges made from plastic or resin. The stix can be shaped into many different forms such as hides and can be reshaped after usage. With a little support at each end for stability, they can also be used to make bridges and stairs, which most reptiles can climb.

It's important that your flexi stix are routinely cleaned and checked for splinters. An overly splintered stix should be removed as they can be harmful to your reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.