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Komodo - Moonlight - ES Bulb - 150W

SKU: 701029822535

Ideal night time bulbs, providing the same heat output with a gentle blue light.

Komodo Moonlight Bulbs are deep purple almost black producing very low levels of light whilst still providing essential heat making them an ideal heat source for nocturnal species of reptiles, amphibians or invertebrates. These bulbs enable night time viewing of traditionally shy and elusive species.

90% of the energy used by this bulb is emitted as beneficial warming infrared rays, efficiently directing heat at the desired basking location providing optimal thermoregulation within your animal. Komodo Moonlight Bulbs are suitable for use with
an appropriate thermostat such as the Komodo 600w dimming thermostat.

  • Soft light provides a peaceful 
  • moonlight glow
  • Emits up to 90% of power as beneficial 
  • IRA heat rays
  • Optimum heat source for efficient thermoregulation & metabolism
  • Can be thermostatically controlled for safer use