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KOMODO - Tropical Terrain Compact Brick Regular

SKU: 5023556460017

A natural substrate which is ideal for woodland or rainforest habitats, helping to encourage a natural burrowing behavior.

These Tropical Terrain Bricks come in three sizes, and each one expands to 7 times its size when placed in water - meaning they are great to keep stored, and just use as required. Simply disperse throughout the habitat to the required depth when using.

Tropical Terrain can be used for a wide variety of animals because it can be used dry, slightly humid or even wet. It is especially useful for humid loving animals, as when kept damp it will hold water and encourage a natural humidity - perfect for species such as Crested Geckos and Chameleons. When kept slightly drier, its ideal for Royal Pythons to burrow and dig around in, giving them a great natural environment. Spot clean daily, replacing soiled material with fresh Tropical Terrain. Change all bedding monthly or as required. Humid, warm environments usually require more frequent changes than dry surroundings.