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Komodo - On/Off Thermostat - 300w

SKU: 701029823211
Key Benefits
  • Guaranteed +/- 1 degree centigrade accurate at the probe

  • 100 watt model - Ideal for heat mats

  • 300 watt model - Ideal for spotlight bulbs and ceramics

  • Replaceable Fuses to Prevent Overloading

  • Precisely monitors air & surface temperatures for an accurate thermal gradient.

  • Adjustable tamper-resistant dial with audible & visual operational indicator.

  • Suitable for incandescent lamps, heat mats & ceramic emitters up to 300W.

  • Provides perfect reptile care, from desert to rainforest



Do I Need A Thermostat?

Thermostats are recommended for the vast majority of reptile enclosures, particularly for new and novice keepers. Using a thermostat will ensure that temperatures within the enclosure are controlled to provide an ideal and safe thermal gradient, offering peace of mind.

How Do They Work?

These thermostats work by turning off when the temperature is higher than required and on when too low. When placing the sensor always make sure its in the place you require to reach the set temperature e.g. if you're trying to heat the left hand side of the vivarium and your probe is in the middle, the middle of the vivarium would be at the correct temperature and the left side would be too hot.

Which Thermostat Is Right For Me?

On/Off thermostats are the least expensive and the most basic thermostat in the Komodo range and so they are the best option for customers on a budget or who are just beginning their reptile keeping journey.