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Kurgo - Door Guard - Black

SKU: 813146011584

Have a dog that likes to stand on the car door while he lets his fur flop in the breeze? Yeah, we get you.

Protect your car doors from your dog’s worst abuse - his claws. Our Car Door Guards install easily, with simple tabs that slide between the window and the door panel. They are waterproof and stain resistant, for muddy paws, loaded with pockets, and edged along the top with Rufftex®, for durability and traction.

  • Waterproof and stain resistant
  • Adjustable from 23” to 28” wide and 18” tall
  • Large pocket to carry dog travel essentials
  • Optional hook & loop  tabs to further secure

Product Information

  • Package includes two Door Guards
  • Not recommended for BMWs or vehicles with Auto Arrest windows or Film Tinted Windows
  • Spot clean or hand wash. Air dry
  • Product instructions and care