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Long Paws - Dog Poop Pouch Bag - Cow print

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Product description

Poo bag pouch or treat pouch in cow print design that every stylish pup deserves.

Match the set with a 'Funk The Dog' Collar, Bandana, Harness, Lead, and Bowtie.


Love your Cow as much as you love your pup? Our Cow Print has to be the ultimate funky look for your pup. So go ahead - Funk Your Dog with a little Moo time!

Your 'Funk The Dog' Pouch puts the cherry on the top of your lead. It’s a dispenser for those always-needed poo bags, and also works perfectly as a treat pouch for when you're out and about. Clip your pouch to the D-ring on your dog lead, and it'll always be around when you need it. There's a zipper to load new poo bags, or to get to your pup's favourite treats, and a slot to dispense poo bags.

Made from

Neoprene Padding, Zinc Alloy Hook, PVC Zip