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Lovidog - Goose Paste - 90g

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Complementary pet food for dogs with added vitamins and minerals. Real, irresistible pate with no salt or sugar added. Easy to serve. Can be spread on a lick mat or used with KONG Toys. Ideal to use as a food topper for fussy eaters and to disguise medication. 

The content of vitamins and Omega-3 acids has a positive effect on the condition of the animal, and in particular, the healthy appearance of the skin and coat supports the eyesight and function of the brain.

  • Vitamin supplements (per 1 kg):  Vitamin A 520000 IU; vitamin D3 42,000 IU; vitamin E 7000 mg; vitamin K3 30 mg; vitamin B1 340 mg; vitamin B2 300 mg; 900 mg pantothenic acid; vitamin B6 200 mg; vitamin B12 1100mcg; biotin 15000mcg; choline chloride 50,000 mg; folic acid 30 mg; taurine 80,000 mg; niacin 1800mg; iron 2500mg; manganese 400 mg; copper 200mg; zinc 3500mg; iodine 40mg; selenium 10mcg; vitamin C 3500 mg.

  • Ingredients: Meat and animal by-products 92% (min of 21% goose, potato starch, fish oil, carrot fibre and modified starch.
  • Analytics: Fat content 8.4%, Protein 9.9%, Crude Ash 0.7%, Crude Fibre 1.0%, and Moisture content 72.2%