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Lovidog - Rabbit Paste - 90g

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LoviDog a unique Premium delicacy - rabbit pate in a tube, is an excellent addition to your dog's daily diet. It has a unique taste, aroma and a very delicate consistency. The pate has a universal use: as an additive to feeds, as a reward and snack, perfect to encourage the intake of medicines, tablets, feeds and specialized preparations. Especially recommended for picky dogs. It can be used as a filling for toys for dog delicacies. No artificial colors or preservatives. After opening, store in a cool place and use within max. 5 days.


Ingredients: meat and animal products (based on poultry, including liver min. 30%), potato flour, fish oil, carrot fiber, modified starch. Additives (in 1 kg): vitamins and minerals MultiLoviPet 2001 – 10 g; technological additives: wheat flour, wheat bran; antioxidant: sodium ascorbate – 0.8 g.