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Mikki - Ball Pin Brush - Large

SKU: 755349371648

An ergonomically designed ball pin brush with a soft steel ball pin bristle.

  • Regular brushing ensures a shiny & healthy coat
  • Helps remove tangles & matts
  • Long lasting nickel steel ball pins
  • The flexible head gives a more gentle brushing experience for you and your pet

Mikki Ball Pin Brush

  • The Mikki Ball Pin Brush is designed with nickel steel ball pins which are mounted on an air cushion to enhance grooming action and reduce any excessive brushing force.
  • The brush helps reduce tangled and matted hair and the soft grip flexi-head handle gives comfort and control while grooming and helping both you and your pet enjoy the grooming session.
  • Ideal for short to medium hair breeds. Regular grooming helps to promote healthy skin & coats.