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Mikki - Coat Scissors For Small/medium Coats

SKU: 755349372713

Time for a trim!


Perfect for trimming your pet's coat at home.

  • Precise micro-serrated cutting blade for great results
  • With finger rest for extra comfort
  • Available in small and large


Key features

Our heat-treated, stainless steel coat scissors have micro-serrated edges that grip the fine hair of your pet's coat allowing for easier, more precise cutting. Keeping your long-haired pet’s coat trimmed will keep it looking sharp, help prevent matting, and keep debris from getting trapped.

Take some time to accustomise your pet to the scissors and ensure you are grooming them at a time when they are content - this could be after a walk or in the evening when they are relaxed. Scissors have the benefit of being quiet, which can help keep your pet calm as you work slowly and patiently.

Before you begin trimming, brush or comb through the coat, making sure it’s completely dry and free from any debris, knots or tangles.
Use the coat scissors to trim the detailed areas of your dogs coat (legs, feet, undercarriage, trousers, tail) for a neat finish into a style that you like.

As you learn how to trim your pet's hair, remember to give them a break every few minutes, or even sooner if they seem to be getting impatient. Sitting still can be hard for them, so plenty or breaks and rewards help to make the process much easier for everyone.

Our trimming guide has some handy hacks to help you get started.


Product Overview

Mikki Classic grooming products are made with both you and your pet in mind. Their ergonomic design helps to reduce common strains associated with the repetitive actions required to groom our pets well.

Our range of scissors are ideal for pets with medium to long coats. Each scissor type performs a different role in grooming your pet:
Ear & Face Scissors are smaller and have rounded tips, allowing you to safely trim around your pet's head.
Thinning Scissors remove bulk and excess weight from the coat, they are more forgiving and can allow you to trim without harsh lines.
Coat scissors are used for reducing the length of your pets coat, shaping their style and giving a straight edge to the cut.