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Mikki - Dual Toothbrush for Dogs

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Help keep your pet's teeth in tip top condition.


Regular brushing helps to prevent bad breath and dental diseases.

  • Two different shaped heads, suitable for all pet sizes
  • Dual length bristles for cleaning between the teeth
  • Soft grip handle for comfortable cleaning


Key features

To begin brushing your pet's teeth, get them used to you handling their mouth. Start slowly and build up your contact as their comfort levels permit. Then, when you feel they are ready and able to accept the process, follow the steps below:

Wet the toothbrush before you begin and if desired, add small amount of pet dental paste.
Ensure that your pet is as calm as possible before starting the treatment.
Brush all around the teeth until they are clean.

Little and often is the key. If your pet is uncomfortable, stop and try again later or another day. Getting your pet to accept having their teeth brushed will lead to a regular routine and improved life long dental health.



Product Overview

Periodontal disease is a very common infectious disease and is the main cause of dental disease and early tooth loss in dogs and cats.

Prevent unneccesary visits to the vets and associated bills by brushing your pet's teeth daily or as often as you can. Feeding them harder foods, treats and chews can also help to keep their teeth clean. Nylabones for dogs are an excellent solution.