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Mikki - Itchy 'n' Scratchy - Tick Picker for Cats & Dogs

SKU: 755349371198
  • The easy way to remove ticks from your pet’s coat
  • Help keep your pet looking and feeling their best!


Directions of use

To remove the tick, position the picker over the tick with the tick in the largest section of the picker, nearest the handle (fig.1). Lift the handle so that the narrow nose of the picker is flat on the skin. Draw the picker slowly and firmly towards the tick so that it is gripped securely and can be carefully lifted away from the skin and disposed of.

Spray area where the tick was attached with disinfectant.

Note: Use smooth movement when lifting the tick. Ensure that there are no traces of tick’s head or mouth–parts left on or in the skin. Pets should be checked daily for ticks, their immediate removal would minimise the chance of transmitting disease.