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Mr Johnsons - Hedgehog Niblets - 100g

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Mr Johnson's Hedgehog Niblets are a tasty blend of dried insects & roasted suet that hedgehogs will love.

Before more was known about the dietary needs of hedgehogs' people used to feed them bread & milk when they visited their garden. This is not recommended as it will give them an upset tummy and offers very little nutritional value.

The best way to help the hedgehogs that visit your garden is every night just before dust put out some Mr Johnson's Hedgehog NIBLETS out for them & fresh water.

Any uneaten food should be removed in the morning to avoid them being eaten by cats or vermin and placed out again the next night with fresh food and water.

FEEDING GUIDE:- Place Mr Johnson's Hedgehog NIBLETS in a heavy shallow bowl in a quiet sheltered spot in the garden , this will provide hedgehogs with essentials vitamins that will supplement their natural diet especially in times of natural food shortage.
The Niblets can also be fed sprinkled on Mr Johnson's Wildlife Hedgehog food ' together the dried insects and crunchy meaty kibble of Mr Johnson's Wildlife Hedgehog food will ensure the hogs that visit your garden have a varied balanced diet.
Ensure they have access to fresh drinking water in a shallow bowl at all times to help prevent them from becoming dehydrating.