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Rosewood - Naturals Rodent Playground

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Designed to meet the specific needs of pets, whether it's for exercise, play, hygiene, or nutrition. Our treats are made of high-quality, natural ingredients to promote good health and well-being and grooming tools are designed to keep pets clean and comfortable, while their food products are formulated to provide a balanced diet for different life stages and dietary needs.
  • 3-IN-1 TREAT, TOY & GNAW: Enjoy a complete playtime experience with this product featuring a treat cookie, an edible willow ball, and gnawable wood
  • BENEFICIAL FOR TEETH GROWTH: The wood roll is safe and beneficial for your pet to gnaw on, promoting healthy teeth growth
  • VARIETY OF COMPONENTS: With crunchy cookies, willow ball, wood roll, and herb-crusted ring, your pet will never get bored with this fun playground
  • SUITABLE FOR SMALL ANIMALS: This product will stimulate and entertain your small animals like hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, and more
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: All components are made with natural ingredients to ensure your pet’s safety and health.



Deciduous wood; parsley cookie (parsley 30.7 %, vegetable starch 23.4 %, red millet 15.3%, yellow millet 15.3 %, wheat 15.3 %); cereal cookie (wheat flour 23.1 %, corn 20.3 %, carrots 12.5 %, linseed 10.6 %, peanuts 7.7 %, red millet 6.7 %, yellow millet 5.8 %, egg and egg products 5.8 %, sunflower seeds 3.9 %, beetroot 2.4 %, vegetable starch 1.2 %); willow