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Nuts For Pets - Gold One - 350g

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THE GOLD ONE – This tub has a regal name because it deserves it! We've added a few spoonfuls of Turmeric to our well-loved Poochbutter to give your Pooches a little dose of gold dust.

Here's why we did it:

💛  Pain Relief properties

🐕 Natural Anti-Inflammatory & Stiff Joint helper

🥜 Turmeric needs a fatty substance to be absorbed into the system*, Poochbutter is full of fatty acids, a match made in heaven if we don't say so ourselves!

🍯 Super tasty and easy to feed!

💛 NO added Salt, Sugar, Xylitol or Additives… We definitely don't use Palm Oil or Hydrogenated Veg Oil either!

💛 Coconut Oil - helps your Pooch from the inside out, great for healthy skin and a gloriously glossy coat!

💛 Contains Honey - making it super sticky to keep your Pooch occupied and happy for hours!

🐕 Made in the UK

Size: 350g


5 Mind-blowing Benefits of Turmeric

Natural Anti-Inflammatory Promotes Heart and Liver Health Antioxidant Properties (which can help prevent cancers)

Pain Relief Anti-diarrhoea Medication What's in Turmeric that makes it so great The main active ingredient in turmeric is actually Turmeric Curcumin. This is what makes turmeric an amazing holistic option as a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal, wound healing and anticancer ingredient.

Is Turmeric right for my Pooch?

Because turmeric is all-natural, it is generally regarded as very safe. However, there are a few potential side effects that we want you to be aware of. First, turmeric is a blood thinner, making it a powerful agent to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack.

However, if your dog is already on another medication that is also a blood thinner, this could present some problems.

Additionally, turmeric is a binding agent, making it a great remedy for dogs with diarrhoea. However, if your dog is dehydrated, it could pose other issues and lead to constipation. In humans, a few issues have been reported, when too much turmeric is added to the diet.

These adverse reactions include: Gallbladder contractions Increased risk of bruising Decreased blood sugar Interference with iron absorption In the vast