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Oscar & Hooch - Dog Lead - Liberty Purple - Medium

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SKU: 724120093147

Oscar & Hooch luxury dog leads are for everyday use and are machine washable for any muck encountered on a walk! This oh-so-soft on your hands stylish but practical dog lead is lovingly handmade in Somerset

A strong nylon webbing core with ultra-soft suedette fabric wrapped around and stitched with British grosgrain ribbon and strong nylon thread.

Our suedette fabric is specially selected for its ultra-softness and breathable properties ensuring ultimate comfort on long and short dog walks. Finished with high-quality solid metal work, our dog leads are made to last.

Oscar & Hooch designer dog leads offer striking style and simplicity in the city or the countryside. Standard leads are 102cm long and available in 3 widths: narrow (1cm), medium (2cm) and wide (2.5cm). Matching collars are available. Multi-purpose 2 metre training leads are also available.

Our signature range of dog leads use an ultra- soft suedette in 13 beautiful colours carefully selected for the range. All are machine washable and set off with stylish nickel plated hardware.

Our dog leads have a strong nylon webbing core and are then wrapped in our ultra-soft signature range fabric beautifully finished in a British grosgrain ribbon. Our dog leads are made for everyday use and are durable and very long lasting.

  • Machine washable dog lead
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite fabric protection
  • Water friendly dog lead
  • Scratch resistant
  • Stain repellent fabric dog lead
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Vegan friendly dog lead
  • Handmade UK dog lead


How to choose the best dog lead

Choosing the best dog lead for your dog is extremely important for many reasons. Whether you’re finding the perfect lead for your new puppy or want to try something for an older pup, there are some key aspects to think about when choosing a dog lead. Of course, personal choice always comes into play but with so much variety of dog lead it can be a bit of a minefield. Read on for our top tips to help you choose the best dog lead.


Best puppy lead

The needs of a puppy can be very different to an older dog. Firstly, you need to choose a lead that is not too heavy and that is the right length, so it hangs nicely and doesn’t pull on your puppy’s neck. The choice of material is also important, as there are pros and cons to all of the materials available.

Rope leads are lightweight and strong which would suit a boisterous puppy, however they can sometimes be uncomfortable for the owner. Nylon webbing dog leads are very strong and lightweight but again can be very abrasive on your hands. Chain leads can be heavy but nonetheless work well with a puppy that likes to chew the lead- you will be grateful of this once you have gone through a few leads in quick succession! Once you pass the chewing phase you can upgrade to a more aesthetically pleasing dog lead.

Fabric leads can be a good choice especially those with a strong nylon inner material. Fabric leads are strong, light weight and soft on the owner’s hand (dependant on which fabric is used, our ultra-soft signature range is one example). Leather leads offer a traditional look which can be favoured, as well as being strong and durable. Leather does take some care and isn’t water friendly like the other materials and so will weaken over time if exposed to moisture too often.

Retractable leads are an option, but for us they are a big no no with a puppy. Whilst training you should always have a bit of slack, as you want the puppy to understand the importance of heeling and walking on the lead. Using a retractable lead where the dog has a feeling of freedom can be a bit confusing for a younger puppy.

There is always the option of a harness but again if you spend the time training your puppy to walk well with a collar and lead you may never need to move to a harness. However, harnesses do provide a good option for dogs that you feel cannot be controlled with a traditional collar and lead but again investing the time early can avoid the need.


Best dog lead for training any dog

There are lots of different options across dog collars and dog leads that proport to offer quick solutions to training issues. We would always recommend patience and time to train your dog properly before moving to a quick fix. With this in mind following our advice for puppies (above) is a good starting place.

Once your dog is a little older then lead choice can come down to different factors:

  • Aesthetics
  • Durability
  • Flexibility

When considering all of the above a standard lead will provide most of what you need, however when considering flexibility, a training lead may provide a broader solution. A training lead offers the availability of different lead lengths, this means you get the best of both worlds- a shorter lead when training to heel and a longer lead when giving your dog a bit more freedom on a walk.

Retractable leads are less suitable for training and provide a better option for a well-trained dog that you aim to give more freedom depending where you are walking.