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Pawsecco - Freeze Pops - 6pk x 50ml

SKU: 5060362611295
Could it get any cooler? Yes! The award-winning Pawsecco is now available in freeze pop form! Good friends bring happiness, but best friends bring 'Pawsecco'. And just when you think this brand couldn't get any cooler - it's now available in a totally unique freeze-pop form!

These luxurious, ready-to-freeze, 'posh-pops' have been created with the advice of veterinary experts and are of course non-alcoholic & contain no grapes. Offering refreshment for your pet like they've never known before, each box contains 6 luxurious pet pops made with Elderflower, Linden Blossom and Ginseng for the ultimate healthy, refreshing treat which can be frozen at home.


  • Ready to freeze treat
  • Suitable for dog and cats
  • Dog treats just don't get any cooler!
  • Ready-to-freeze pops
  • Perfect for keeping dogs cool in hot weather
  • Healthy, Alcohol-Free, Grape-Free, made with 100% natural herbs
  • Put in the freezer for when your pet fancies a 'lick' or a 'crunch'
  • Box contains 6 individual 50ml pops