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Pet's Home - Ceramic Bowl - Cream/Taupe - 16cm

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Time spent with pets is never wasted.” If you agree with this expression, the Trixie Pet’s Home Bowl is the right one for you and your dog. This ceramic bowl offers an attractive design with complementary colours. The outside is decorated with the motif, “Time spent with pets is never wasted” and you will find a cute heart made up of paws on the inside. This dog bowl is heavyweight which makes it very stable. The high rim prevents food or water for going all over the place. This bowl is hygienic thanks to the ceramic material. Its surface is smooth and non-porous. No left-over food can go off in the corners thanks to the rounded shape. When the bowl needs a more thorough clean, simply pop it in the dishwasher. Trixie Pet’s Home Ceramic Bowl at a glance: Charming food bowl for dogs Hygienic and easy to clean: rounded shape, smooth, non-porous surface Very stable: being heavyweight makes this bowl sturdy Attractive design: complementary colours, cute paw heart design inside, motif “Time spent with pets is never wasted” on the outside High rim: ensures that less food and water get spilt Material: ceramic Measurements: 12 cm diameter or 16 cm diameter Volume: 300 ml or 800 ml Colour: white/taupe Care instructions: dishwasher-safe