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PetSafe - Manual-Locking Cat Flap with Easy Install- White

SKU: 729849167322

Your cat enter (or exit) your room and personal space by themselves with the PetSafe Staywell Classic Manual 4 Way Cat Flap. This will allow your cat to come and go quickly from one place to another without you having to open the door. These manual cat flaps have a 4-way locking option, such as in-only, out-only, opened and locked. The in-only feature means the cat can just enter but not the leave the room without your permission, and likewise, the out-only part will let your pet only to exit but not come inside until you allow. You can install them in bedroom doors, sliding patio doors, panel doors and windows. This PetSafe cat flap is suitable for all cats that are up to 7 kg of weight. The best thing about these cat flaps is that they are very easy to install. The 4-way lock keeps your cats safe and also restricts any stray cats entering your homes. This weather-resistant flap closure gives you greater control of your cat's access to your home while also making sure she never feels alone. This pet flap is made from high-quality materials for years of durability.