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Pet Love - Mighty Pups Foam - S-Bone

SKU: 755349049783

Mighty Pups Puppy S-Bone


All puppies love to chew, its how they explore their new world.

The Mighty Pups Puppy S-Bone is the perfect toy for chewing! The fusion of rubber and foam make a tough but flexible toy that will help relieve some of the discomfort faced by a teething puppy. They are also hollow so great for poking treats into. Stuff the s-bone full of your puppy’s favourite treats and spreads to encourage their natural instinct to explore. Not only is this a great way to slow down your doggies dinner time, it will also give them a physical and mental workout to help let off some steam, relieve stress and boredom but most importantly- it will make your puppy feel happy! 20 minutes with a Mighty Pup is the equivalent of an hours walk.

  • super unpredictable bounce-ability
  • great for a game of fetch on land or by the sea- the Mighty Pups float!
  • all Mighty Pups are made with Love using top quality rubber & foam
  • hygienic, non smelly and easy to clean

Many of our toys are well suited to all puppy playstyles, however if you have a ‘cheeky chewer’ we recommend supervising your puppy’s playtime - examine toys regularly for wear and replace if any part of the toy becomes loose or damaged.