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Rabbit Ear (No Fur) - Dog chew - per chew

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Benefits of rabbit ears for dogs

Rabbit Ears are highly digestible and packed with protein, which makes them a perfect natural chew for dogs as they are made purely from rabbit ear cartilage.  Their natural structure offers a semi-durable chewing experience for dogs of all sizes while offering a natural rabbit aroma. They are loved by dogs of all age and size but especially seem to be firm favourites amongst puppies!

Rabbit Ears for Dogs Benefits:

  • High in Protein, therefore excellent for maintaining healthy muscles, hair & skin
  • Hypoallergenic – many dogs with allergies can tolerate rabbit protein
  • Improved Digestion – the furry rabbit ears help digestion as the hair is not digestible, increasing fibre in your dog’s diet. As the hair travels through the intestines, it gently brushes away all undigested food, increasing the ability to absorb nutrients
  • Anal Gland Health – due to the increased fibre, rabbit ears make stools firmer which will help to squeeze the anal glands resulting in less inflammation
  • Dental Health – chewing rabbit ears has an abrasive effect on a dog’s teeth, helping them stay clean
  • Natural de-wormer, helping to reduce worm count (furry ears only)
  • Relieves Stress and Anxiety – chewing triggers the release of endorphins which reduces stress and anxiety.
  • No bones which can get stuck in the intestines

How many to give a day?

Whilst they are very nutritious, moderation is key, just like with any other treats. Feeding 2-3 ears a day is plenty. They will last well for puppies so you are likely to give them even less. Rabbit ears are a great way to soothe your teething pup’s itchy gums.

Alternatives to Rabbit ears

If you cannot have rabbit ears as they are simply too cute, you could try one of the other treats below:

  • Chicken feet: whilst they contain bones, they are tiny bones, which crumble father than crack or splinter. They are excellent source of glucosamine and chondroitin which support joint health.
  • Antlers: If you’re looking for a natural treat which is long lasting, deer antlers are a real winner. They can last months, and don’t splinter or break, like bones. The chewing action on the deer antlers helps your dog deal with their anxiety, as well as clean their teeth. These are perfect for dogs who need a low fat alternative, as they are generally not ingested.
  • Ears: be it pig, cow, lamb, goat – they are all great alternatives as they are nothing but cartridge, making it great dental chews even for young puppies. One of our most loved treat bag is the All Ears, which gives you a nice variety of ears to try. Suitable from 10 weeks of age.
  • Pizzles: now they are another natural treat, loved by ALL dogs.