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Unipac - Reptile Calcium Sand Natural - 12.5kg

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Unipac Aquarium Gravel Chroma Sand is natural gravel, available in several colours. This sand-coloured gravel is ideal for decorating aquariums, terrariums, vivariums, ponds, and water features. The gravel is inert and won't raise the pH in the water. Grain size: 1-2mm.
  • Non toxic almost pure calcium carbonate sand in subtle
  • Good quality item with colours to create attractive vivariums .
  • Harmless s and, in certain cases, beneficial if ingested
  • Imported from UK.



The sizes stated are purely for guidance and should not be treated as specific. It is the consumer’s responsibility to ensure that the actual size is suitable for their requirements.

Sand is normally measured in microns (µ) and 1000µ = 1mm.
Unipac cannot accept liability for any variation in particle size.

Reptile Silica Sand – 300 µ to 400 µ           

Reptile Calcium Sand – 1000 µ to 1200 µ