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Roman Gravel - Natural Mixed Gems - 2kg

SKU: 5019093040478
Pettex Decorative Aquatic Roman Gravel

Roman decorative aquarium gravel is the ideal way to enhance the appearance of your fish tank

Chosen from selected silicate aggregates known for their inert properties in a choice of natural stones or coated in a colourfast resin for trouble free fish keeping

Suitable for all types of aquarium set-ups including coldwater, tropical and saltwater

Roman decorative aquarium gravel is also the perfect planting medium due to its finer size

Increased surface area allows for improved anaerobic activity

Will not change the PH of the water

Pre Cleaned, Colour Fast Aquarium Gravel

Using Inert Base Material Coated In A Slow Drying, High Bond Resign Makes This The Ultimate In Gravels

Gravel Size Encourages Root Growth and Does Not Damage Fish Barbs