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Rosewood - Boredom Breaker - Floral Hanging Basket

SKU: 5025659192505

Rosewood Pet Products Boredom Breaker Floral Hanging Basket

This Rosewood floral hanging basket will brighten up any small animal cage or hutch - that is until the pet realises they can also use it as a chew and toss toy! Suitable for hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs and mice. Also great for budgies, cockatiels and other smaller parrots. It's made from pet-safe materials, so its fun and safe for your pet to chew

Key Benefits

  • Colourful floral hanging basket, all can be chewed and gnawed at
  • Suitable for most small animals and also cage birds
  • Comes with wooden hanging clip
  • Hours of stimulating fun

Feeding Guide

Not recommended for pets under 6 weeks of age - supervision recommended with younger rabbits