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Happy Pet - Shooting Star Wood Bird Toy

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Made with 100% natural wood, leather, corn and rope pieces.

The Playtime range helps to stimulate natural chewing, foraging instincts and helps prevent unwanted feather plucking.

Key Features:

  • Made with natural material
  • Safe, non-toxic dyes
  • Ideal for parrots and other large birds

Provide feathered friends with a great source of entertainment with the Shooting Star wooden bird toy.

100% natural wood toy with added rope and bird safe nickel chimes to stimulate all the senses.

Healthy, safe, boredom breaking fun made with non-toxic dyes.

Size: 31 cm

Birds are highly intelligent animals and toys are an important part of their mental health as well as their mental and physical agility.

Toys encourage exercise and provide good wear for the beak and nails.

Warning: We recommend supervision when playing with toys. Remove toy if damaged or if parts become separated.