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Smart Finger Toothbrush - Pair

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Made from super soft silicon rubber, this toothbrush has been specifically designed for the introduction to oral hygiene for puppies and kittens. Placed over the index finger, the concept of tooth brushing can be gently introduced to youngsters from 8 weeks of age.

  • Soft & gentle bristles
  • Safety loop for extra security
  • Designed in association with vets & behaviourists

Tooth brushing is considered the ‘gold standard’ in pet dental hygiene and can be taught to your puppy or kitten from 8 weeks of age to prepare them for successful, lifelong oral care. Specifically designed with the advice of vets and behaviourists as a training aid, the bristles are super soft to get your pet accustomed to the concept of tooth brushing in a pleasurable way – preparing them for ‘proper’ brushing when their adult teeth have developed. Please follow the instructions carefully to ensure a positive outcome! Reusable and easy to clean.