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Smart Pet - Small Animal Sawdust Bedding - Large

SKU: 5025687095649
  • Is filled with biodegradable and eco friendly softwood shavings. It is suitable for all small animals including rabbits guinea pigs hamsters etc.
  • Dimensions (in packaging):- 38cm x 28.5cm x 13cm Weight:- 3.720kg (including any packaging)Material:- Wood Shavings Packaging:- Plastic bag with printed label
  • Great quality

Smart Pet Small Animal Bedding are ideal for creating a soft, warm and cosy home for your small animals. The softwood shavings are biodegradable and eco-friendly and can be disposed of in an appropriate waste bin or compost heap. The wood shavings are very safe, hygienic and easy to replace; perfect for your small animal hutches or cages.