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Burgess - Supa Adult Dry Cat Food - Scottish Salmon -1.5kg

SKU: 5023861118535
Burgess Supacat cat food helps to support healthy teeth and gums. This dental defence cat food not only keeps your cat’s teeth and gums strong and healthy but also provides enough taste and deliciousness to hook your cat to its meal time. The food contains mouth-watering salmon, which is loved by most cats. Thanks to the inclusion of taurine in this recipe, your cat will have a healthy heart and vision.
This protein cat food contains essential fatty acids that help support healthy skin and a shiny coat in cats. The recipe also includes prebiotics to support beneficial gut bacteria and improve the entire digestive process in cats. Suitable for cats over 12 months of age, this cat food is high in protein that is ideal for natural carnivores like cats. Formulated to reduce plaque and tartar, this cat food is an ideal choice to maintain the pearly whites of your car. This cat food pack is resealable, so you can store it conveniently in your kitchen.

Product Benefits
  • Contains a special ingredient to promote improved oral health
  • Ensure dental defence for reduced plaque and tartar
  • Contains essential fatty acids for healthy skin & coat
  • Comes with taurine for healthy heart and vision
  • High in protein for natural carnivores