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Superfish - Aqua flow Filter - 200 Litres (400L/H)

SKU: 8715897041754


SuperFish Aqua-Flow internal Filters are a compact and powerful internal filter with an easy to replace media system

Available in a selection of sizes, the filters are slimline and sit neatly on the side of your tank under the water line. Each filter has a spray bar that when placed above the top line of water will produce a calming bubble effect while adding vital oxygen to the water.

The water flow is easily adjustable with the front located flow control button (not available on Aqua-Flow 50). Allowing you to control your filtration system.

Each Aqua-Flow as a unique easy click in cartridge that has a dual action filtration set up. 1 cartridge is filled with media foam and activated carbon. It is recommended this is changed every month

The second cartridge is filled with CrystalMax, a porous biological media that is made of sintered glass. This then acts as a sponge for micro-organisms, decomposing waster and harmful substances quickly and effectively.

Replacing the cartridges are easy, simply remove the old ones and click the new ones in place. No more messy hands.

The filters are suitable for Cold and Tropical Aquariums