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Tetra - DecoArt Elements Floating DoctorFish

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 Floating Ornaments for Fun in your Aquarium

  • Easy and fast to install and rearrange
  • Safe for fresh and saltwater use
  • For all aquarium sizes: easy-adjust nylon string

The Tetra DecoArt Elements Doctorfish is part of the DecoArt Elements range proving floating ornaments for more fun in your aquarium. The Doctorfish is safe for use with other fish in both fresh and saltwater aquariums.

Like all Tetra DecoArt Elements the Floating Doctorfish is quick and easy to install. Simply fix the included suction cup on to the glass or into the gravel then connect the Element using the transparent nylon string to give the impression that the Element is floating gently in the water, alongside the other aquarium fish.


Ideal for any Finding Dory or Blue Tang Fanatics