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Komodo - Thermostat Dimming - 600W

SKU: 701029823228

The most popular and versatile thermostat

Precision is paramount when using any thermostatically controlled heat source, and our Dimming Thermostat is guaranteed to maintain the required temperature to within 1 degree celsius from around the probe.  The soft dimming setting enables a natural heat and light control which precisely monitors air and surface temperatures for an accurate thermal gradient.

How they work: These stats are often used with spotlight bulbs, although they are suitable for use with any type of heater. The temperature is controlled by increasing or decreasing power to the heater incrementally. If the temperature in the vivarium is too warm it supplies less power and so the light will dim. If it is too cool then the stat will supply more power, therefore brightening the bulb to provide more heat.

Using a Komodo Thermostat will give every user peace of mind that their reptile is in a comfortable and controlled environment.

Ideal for: All types of reptile heating devices up to 600 watts such as our range of Incandescent Bulbs or Ceramic Heat Lamps.