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Ancol - Timberwolf Leather Collar - Green - 28-36cm (Size 3)

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SKU: 5016646113030
  • Top-grain bridle treated leather (treated with 3M leather protector)
  • Handcrafted by our workforce in the UK
  • Sewn down both sides with bonded thread for added strength and with an antique gold buckle and D-ring.
  • Matching Lead available


Available in Sizes

  • Size 1 (20-26cm)
  • Size 2 (26-31cm)
  • Size 3 (28-36cm)
  • Size 4 (35-43cm)
  • Size 5 (39-48cm)
  • Size 6 (45-54cm)
  • Size 7 (50-59cm)
  • Size 8 (55-63cm)


Available in Colours

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Mustard
  • Raspberry (Pink)
  • Sable


  • Please note that leather is a natural, porous product. If the leather becomes wet, some colour run of the natural dye may happen.
  • Leather collars ought not be saturated with water. If the collar becomes saturated, allow it to air-dry naturally and do not use heat to speed the drying process.
  • To keep the item in tip-top shape, we recommend treating with a leather conditioner annually.
  • We are committed to reducing our packaging and using recycled and recyclable packaging. This item is supplied on packaging that is widely recycled.