Venison Sausage - Per Sausage

Venison Sausage - Per Sausage

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  • NO NASTIES & PRODUCED IN THE UK - 100% Natural dried healthy dog treats, no additives, produced in the UK. You can treat your dog worry free, our high quality sausages are not imported.
  • GREAT FOR TRAINING OR REWARDS - Use these sausages, either cut up or whole to reward your dog for good behaviour when training or just because your dog deserves a lovely little treat for being good.
  • HUMAN GRADE INGREDIENTS - Produced to the highest standard, these sausages are made with love and care, and ingredients that are fit for human consumption, made with real venison your dog will love these!
  • SLOWLY AIR DRIED - Air dried at a lower temperature to perfection, to ensure maximum taste and chew for your dog. Drying at lower temperatures locks in flavour and brings out aromas that your dog will find irresistible.
  • WONDERFULLY HIGH IN PROTEIN - Made with the highest quality ingredients, these sausages are wonderfully high in protein which contributes to healthy hair, skin, muscle development and tissue repair.



Crude Protein: 20.6%

Crude Fibre: 0.9%

Crude Oil & Fat: 20.4%

Crude Ash: 6%

Ingredients: Venison 10%, Chicken 60%, cereals, minerals Additives: Permitted preservative, sodium meta bisulphate e223 Typical Analysis: Protein - 22.8% Oil - 18% Fibre - 0.9% Ash - 6% Moisture - 16.4%