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Webbox - Cat Grass Kit - 120g

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  • Grow your own cat grass kit!
  • Helps eliminate hairballs in cats
  • 100% natural & loved by cats
  • Safe alternative to houseplants


Webbox Cat Grass is a 100% natural treat suitable for all cats. Webbox Cat Grass is a complete easy to grow kit with 4 simple steps! It is designed to help eliminate hairballs that accumulate in the stomach through the cat’s regular grooming routine, thus also supporting healthy digestion. It is also a safe alternative to house plants and the perfect addition to both indoor and outdoor cat’s diets. The complete kit includes mineral soil, seeds and tray with lid, just add water!



Grass seed mix


Directions for Use:

1. Push through the marked six holes at the bottom of the tray to allow excess water to drain through.
2. Open the seed bag and mix the seeds with the mineral soil
3. Place the tray onto the lid to catch excess water, then pour approximately 500ml of water into the tray
4. After three to four days the cat grass will begin to grow. Ensure the product is kept damp and in a warm well-lit location away from direct sunlight