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Webbox - Festive Cat Sticks - Turkey And Cranberry - 6 Pack

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Webbox Festive Tasty Sticks Turkey & Cranberry

Cats are one of the prissiest pets that can throw a tantrum at your face even if there is a slight change in their mood. Especially, when it comes to their eating and drinking habits, you never know why they like a flavour one day and not the other. Moreover, it is a fact that they can avoid drinking water only because it is stagnant and not fresh flowing water. To avoid situations like these, you can try these Webbox Tasty Sticks Cats Treats that work as great complementary cat food to feed and fulfil fussy cats.

They are prepared from high-quality ingredients that focus on your cat's health from its dental health to gut functioning. These chewy cat dental treats are a combination of nutrition, taste, and aroma. Made from 75% fresh meat, these Webbox sticks for cats are rich in the flavours of turkey and cranberries along with sources of protein and healthy fats that help promote strong nails, teeth, eyes, bones, muscles, teeth, and gums. These treats also help nourish your cat's skin and coat health. The flavours also make them the perfect choice for a special occasion treat. When everyone is having dessert, your cat can enjoy these Webbox cat treats with the family.

Product Benefits

  • Stick cat treats to provide complementary nutrition and minerals to your cat's body
  • Made from 75% real meat with no added sugar
  • Enriched source of proteins, oils and fats, and healthy fibres
  • Helps promote strong teeth, gums, jaws, bones, muscles, and digestion
  • Chewy texture to encourage calm and positive chewing


Meat And Animal Derivatives (Turkey) (6%), Fruit (Dried Cranberry) (2%), Minerals


Crude Protein (34%), Moisture (27%), Crude Oils And Fats (20%), Crude Ash (10%), Crude Fibre (2%)